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 2011 - DREAMS AWAKE Artists


Existing somewhere between a digital yogi and Dr. Frankenstein at work, Shaun Friesen encourages your imaginal cells to come alive with his bio-mimetic technology infused organic geometric drawing practice. A new media production artist, VJ, and award winning animator, Shaun has most recently performed visuals with his eDrums and homebrew Pure Data patch at 'Bohemian Moon', 'Winter Solstice 6', and 'Bardo 2', crafting visual narratives to amp the dance floor engine and invoke mid-step moments of satori. Shaun has a fine art degree in digital technology (with distinction) and has designed media support campaigns for epic visionary pillars, including Alex Grey, Deepak Chopra, Douglas Rushkoff, and Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir.

The featured artist at Inshala 3, this year Shaun is joined by a full fleet of talented and dedicated visionaries. 



Shane Haltman is a Calgary based professional contemporary artist, with a verve for creativity. He graduated from the University of Calgary in 2002 with a BA in Physical Geography. Following his degree Shane began to explore his creative side with one of his first exhibits taking place at the Blue Dawg caf_ in 2004. Since than, Shane has established himself as a professional working artist, and his work has reached global audiences. Recently Shane was part of a team of artists working on a 7 story mural project in Calgary for Cirque du Soleil ‘Kooza’. Also Shane completed a community based mural project in the Kensington business district of Calgary on the Hillhurst Hardware storefront. He enjoys sharing his process with the public and has been an active member of the arts community since 2004 on a professional level. His latest project involves painting a school bus that will be used as a traveling art and music platform that aims to provide accessibility and an outlet for creativity.


BROOKE BAMPTON (Calgary) Facebook

Brooke is an interdisciplinary studies graduate of ACAD(1999).  Brooke’s work is video, new media and performance based and has been shown in Canada, the USA and Europe.  Her video work is retrospectively focused with a very strong “natural” element.  The work compiled for and shared at Inshala is a culmination of several aesthetic and spiritual musings, projected in an abstract ‘stream of consciousness’ form.  She hopes that all will interact with the work and discover their own conversation from the visual language she has worked to provide in the spirit of Inshala’s theme of DREAMS AWAKE.



VINCENT DOMAZET (Calgary) DeviantArt

Vincent “Vinicello” Domazet is a visionary artist. His pieces show a thoughtful use of digital photography and a willingness to explore what he would call mystical experiences to gain new insight and new ideas. His work shows a bold colour palette with a myriad of subtle details that awaken as your mind opens to each piece. The work gently urges you to pause and connect with the concepts.

“I believe that we've entered a time in Human history when we're awakening to the fact that a message has been left for us....a trail of clues to the truth that has been in front of us all this time. We're all meant to uplift each other, to find a deep connection that binds us all. Once you can tap into that message, it is inevitable that our own creations start to take on a life of their own. These creations are but a unique form of this beautiful message.....this beautiful consciousness that is free of concept”.


 SNAILPAINTER (Kaely Dekker) (Calgary) Vimeo

A self-taught visual artist working with photography, design, animation and video, Kaely has created several short films and regularly collaborates with local and international musicians to create live interactive audio/video performance installations.

Utilizing footage shot around the world and sampling our vast cultural heritage of time-based visula media, Kaely constructs evolving visual compositions which react to and envisage the shape, texture, contrast, and colours of the music they accompany.



Both mirrors and doorways into the deep lineage of visionary culture, the 92 page hardcover visionary design science treatise will be released - in the Canadian priarie/foothill region - at Inshala 4. Come check out the 10 year project history and microgallery installation in the Art Lab.