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Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance

Kylee Dawn (Calgary AB)


Imagine the journey of becoming the Dance.


Moving each cell, each molecule - creating space for the mind to relax and to let the body groove. Imagine a place of pure enjoyment, a deep presence with Self and smiling from the inside out. 

Join Kylee Dawn, as she invites you to dive into the Ecstatic Freedom within You.  Through facilitated movement, breathwork, sound and stillness.  Join us on this adventurous dance journey. No dance experience necessary. Leave feeling inspired and uplifted.

Inspire. Expand. Freedom.


Kylee Dawn has a passion for the Inner Journey. Through trance dance, breathwork, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being. Along her path, she has explored many modalities and mentors, which have empowered her to bring her own gifts to life. Kylee Dawn has been facilitating ecstatic trance dance and breathwork since 2006, is one of the founders of Inner Journeys; a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator; a Reiki Master; a Transpersonal Breathwork Facilitator, a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, and a Developmental Gymnastics Coach.



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Style Through Movement

  Kevin Choo (Calgary AB)


This is a movement based workshop exploring different ideas that parallel dance and movement styles to lifestyle. Concepts like balance, flow, expression and freestyle will all be touched on in both dance styles and lifestyles. Exploring the movements of the body alongside the movement of the mind, spirit and soul.


Kevin Choo is a Calgary based ninja wizard. Specializing in various movement styles from break dancing, to popping, to house. A practitioner of various urban expressions from freestyle rap, beat boxing, Djing and visual design. Currently focused on connecting relationship dynamics with self through the expression of self (art) to various youth and abilities demographics.



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Connection Matters - Introduction to Contact Improvisation

Soren Wacker (Calgary AB)


Honoring boundaries and being moved by self-connection and connection to other people. Letting go of wanting to move and surrender into the movement that is already happening. Newton's law action=reaction extended by an almost infinite number of reactions. The introduction covers the foundation of Contact Improvisation. Not a technique or a certain principle of movement, but the pure ability to observe and react to the wriggling impulses that are already present unfolding into a dance.

Soren Wacker studied physics in Germany, made my PhD in Biophysics. In Canada since 2014. Study of Contact Improvisation since 2.5 years. 2015, spent 4 month at Leviathan studios Lasqueti Island practicing daily. Co-hosted two CI workshops in Calgary with Martin Keogh and Mark Young. Experience in leading hourly workshops. Studied Contact Improvisation with renowned teacher of CI such as: Martin Keogh, Ray Chung, Daniel Werner, Alicia Greyson and many more. Passionate Contact Improvisation practitioner.



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Tai Chi Touching Hands

  Steve Blanes (Edmonton AB)



Learn how to flow and follow a fellow participant, feeling their energy and intent, as well as learning the ability to become more sensitive to your own body's energy.  This training will enhance anyone's understanding of energy work no matter their background.


Steve Blanes is a 26 year practitioner and teacher of Bak Fu Pai or "the White Tiger System. This is a truly full art that instructs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Combative practices of Warfare both empty handed and with weapons as well as teaching from Buddhism and Taoism. Steve has been taught by instructors throughout the world and continues to train with the goal of becoming a scholar in the Taoist arts.



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Prop Flow Jam

Kurt Couper & Marissa (Edmonton AB)


Interested in the flow arts but never got your feet wet? Kurt and Marissa of Fable Arts are here to help! Come down to our flow prop jam and try any of the props we have on hand. We will also be on hand to help you learn the basics and find the prop that flows with you ;)

Marissa is a versatile and enigmatic performer who brings over 20 years of stage experience to audiences everywhere. A professional performer since 2010, Marissa has performed hundreds of shows in an array of themes and styles. Her talents have taken her across the country, and paved they way to many exciting show opportunities! In addition to performance, Marissa is an experienced writer, director and producer of her own original theatrical shows. She is an accomplished Troupe Director for two of Edmonton’s most well established entertainment groups, Vibe Tribe and Fable Entertainment, as well as an established collaborator with a range of Promoters, DJ’s, bands and festivals, both local and national.


Kurt is a one of a kind performer, whose style is defined by complex technique and a flirtatious cheekiness. Starting in 2008, Kurt’s enthusiasm for flow props and performance has led him to dominate the Edmonton and Calgary performance scenes, appearing everywhere from nightclubs and festivals, to theatrical stages and corporate events. In addition to stage performance, Kurt is a skilled talent scout and performance administrator. Through years of working with Mad Hatter Music and Arts Festival, and Fable Entertainment, Kurt has carefully cultivated a network and knowledge base that can help make any show work. From humble beginnings, Kurt has climbed the performance ladder to become one of Alberta’s top male prop-performance artists. Additional Comments:: If you accept our workshop it would be ideal for us if it could be held in the daytime to some fun upbeat music to get people moving! If you have a workshop area you would like us to be at instead, we can bring some tunes that will suit our needs. Thanks!


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Circus Hoops

Kate Ryan (Saskatoon SK)



Circus Hoops integrates the dexterity of rhythmic gymnastics with acrobatics and dance/performance. In this workshop you will learn how to manipulate the hoop with body isolation's, jumps/ traps, and fun transitions! Experience a whole new world of the hula hoop!

All levels welcome! Multi level transitions to learn and experiment with!

Build confidence, find your flow, challenge yourself in new ways. Spend a day with the circus!


Kate Ryan - Professional circus artist, corporate entertainer, cabaret artist, festival/ street performer, Kate's hula hoops and quirky characters have been seen across Canada and around the world.

Beginning her career in Asia with teaching opportunities in an independently owned circus Kate soon found herself performing circus throughout the country. Having since traveled to Australia to train with the country's top circus professionals, Kate is now based in North America, dedicating her time to facilitating workshops across the country. Kate is highly in demand as a coach, teaching circus, social yoga and social circus while co-creating an open space for students to embrace creative expression. During her international travels Kate performs cirque at some of the world's most renowned music festivals and venues. She holds certificates in SPRA Fitness Theory.

Having regularly performed solo circus and partnered work around the globe, Kate is committed to bringing the best of circus into your life and home. She is a dedicated contortion student, traditional multi-style circus hooper, acrobat and ultimately prides herself on her presence both on and off stage.


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Mindful Juggling and the Importance of Physical Literacy

Kilian O'Donoghue (Calgary AB)



The art of juggling is a meditative activity that has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, sharpen focus, enhance cognition, and protect the brain against degeneration. It is a truly portable workout that can be with you anywhere you go! Juggling increases range of motion and strength in the upper body as well as coordination and reflexes. By engaging the entire brain, the juggler has no choice but to empty their mind and exist solely in the moment of Now! Juggling also teaches life skills such as persistence, the importance of practice, the ability to learn new skills, as well as increasing confidence in one's ability to grow as a person. In this workshop participants will get to experience many of these benefits first-hand! All skill levels and ages welcome!

Kilian O'Donoghue - I learned to juggle while completing an agricultural science degree on Canada's east coast. The hours spent putting off homework to practice juggling re-ignited a passion in my heart for physical literacy (the motivation, confidence, and ability to perform a wide range of physical activities) and its effect on mental and physical health. Many of my interests reflect this passion: dancing, snowboarding, cycling, tai chi, yoga, skating, climbing trees, and adventuring in nature. Physical literacy is of course only one aspect of the human experience and I also have a deep interest in wild-crafting, plant and mushroom identification, photography, herbalism, natural science, business, relationships, and the realms of the metaphysical and the occult.



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Soul Flow Yoga: Clarify & Amplify

Alice Hong (Calgary AB)




Open up pathways to greater coherence, clarity and flow within the layers of your physical, pranic, mental and emotional bodies.  Experience an integrative yoga practice that weaves together asana, pranayama and mantra to embody the practice in a way that amplifies individual and collective heart resonance.

Alice Hong has been deeply inspired by the teachings of yoga since 2000 and for her, the beauty of the yoga practice lies in its capacity to reveal the intelligence of the body, the wisdom of the human heart and the indwelling nature of Spirit. She is known for weaving timeless wisdom into modern day practices and creates a space where each person can learn listen deeply, love fully and live wholeheartedly.

She currently co-facilitates Yoga Teacher Trainings with Inspired Yoga Institute, Mentorship programs for yoga teachers, classes, retreats and workshops in Calgary and internationally. Her spirit soars in the presence of fresh mountain air, sacred chant, meaningful connection and high-vibe dance floors.


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Classical Hatha Yoga

Andrew Culler (Lethbridge AB)



This Yoga Class will be for students of all levels. The style of yoga will be predominantly Classical Hatha Yoga with elements of Yin Yoga included. The practice is very meditative with a focus on the breath for the entirety of the class. The rhythm will be relaxed and postures will be held for 1-5 minutes depending on difficulty. Awareness phases between each posture will allow for increased sensitivity, awareness & integration of postures.

The outline of the class will be as follows: Opening Meditation, Warming Exercises, Sun Salutations, Asanas, Guided Relaxation, Closing Meditation

Andrew Ananta Culler - I have lived & travelled throughout Central America since June 2015. I completed my 200hr YTT at Mahadevi Ashram in Guatemala. The training was in Classical Hatha Yoga & includes a 4 day silent retreat. During my travels I also attended Tribal Gathering festival in Panama. It was here that I truly got inspired to share my gifts with my community. Inshala holds a special place in my heart.



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Tantra Yoga: Experience your Essence through Moving Meditation

  Tamara McLeod (Cobble Hill BC)


Join Tantra Yogini Tamara Dawn for an experience of YOGA from a Tantric perspective. Discover the traditional perspective on Tantra and Yoga, how they became popularized in the modern world as sex guides and exercise regimes, and how they can be integrated as a conduit to experience the innate internal bliss within all beings. Experience a moving meditation yoga practice that comes directly from the Vedas and guides you deep into your True SELF, the eternal SELF of Absolute consciousness. Imagine a yoga practice that teaches your whole body to meditate!

Tamara  McLeod is a being of this earth who by divine grace has realized the true nature of reality, the Tantra or essence of existence. Through exploration of Tantra, Yoga, and passionate Self-inquiry she has opened herself to the awareness of Absolute Consciousness and its manifestation as this world reality. Diving deep into these traditional practices during a six-month Tantric Initiation program in India, she is a conduit for the sacred teachings of Tantra. It is her pure heart's desire to share the practices that helped her to integrate truth with all who are called to seek it. Through  guiding Tantra Asana classes, facilitating workshops, offering Ayurvedic massage and creatively expressing herself through art and music it is her intention to be apart of liberating human consciousness, collectively. She sees that we are all connected in a never ending web of infinite complexity, and it is with a deep sense of surrender to this web that she offers back her gifts in meditation. 


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Sacred Sleep to Awaken - Yoga Nidra

Tanis Fishman (Calgary AB)



There are many paths to experiencing a fuller expression of our human consciousness. Yoga nidra is one of these routes. A time-tested wisdom teaching of relaxation and mindfulness, that systematically guides practitioners through the many layers of self. We naturally flow through these states of consciousness, yet because we are unaware and ‘asleep’, we miss the medicine and high teachings that we could receive if we remained present.

Come journey through subtler states of consciousness and receive a rich relaxation, profound healing, deeper insight into the question ‘who am I’, and an opportunity to shift limiting belief systems.


Tanis Fishman - When I look back on my life’s journey thus far, I see how my path has clearly reflected the questions I have been asking and the answers I am seeking. I have traveled many vast distances in search for the ancient teachings that explore the most basic existential questions of ‘who are we’ and ‘why are we here’. I feel incredibly grateful for all the masters, seers, and mystics that have enlightened my understanding of our fascinating nature. Traveling around our incredible earth, visiting sacred sites, and sitting in the presence of elevated beings has been most fulfilling and important. However, in the wise words of Rumi “that which you are seeking Is seeking you”, I have come to trust that my sincere exploration of the inner world and a radical surrender into the unknown, is the key to my own Freedom. My work is based on studying perception and what clouds our own light. Sometimes we need to look at who we are not, in order to know who we are. If we truly, and deeply, understood this fundamental core truth, every decision, choice point, behavior and action would shift. I feel incredibly blessed to have many bright soul’s in my life. Friends, family and guides (on both sides of the veil) who support my work and who I am. But it has been my son Ramone, who is my biggest mirror of self-reflection and the reason I yearn to live on purpose. He continues to teach me where my growing edge is, and what beliefs I have that are of service or harm, and the depth and capacity of my love. I teach yoga nidra teacher trainings, meditation, chi gong, 200 hour hatha yoga trainings, belief re-patterning, and every and any path to connect with soul. All is One.


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Journey to the Ancestors

  Dawn Dancing Otter (Penticton BC)



Shamanic Journeying to the counsel of our ancestors. Immerse in the energy of those who have sung us into being. Workshop will end in a ceremony to connect with and honour our ancestors.

Dawn Dancing Otter is a Medicine Woman living in Penticton, BC. Her 2 decades of experience and study have integrated in her teachings called 'The Alchemist Path', and include Shamanic medicine, Ecstatic Movement, Yoga, Artistic expression, Bodywork, and  Breathwork.  DDO teaches The Alchemist Path as modules and Apprenticeships in Canada, The US, Europe, Central and South America. She is a proud Mum to 2 wonderful sons, Gabriel Moon and Raven Kai.

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Osho Humaniversity Love Meditation

  Daemond Drummer (Calgary AB)


This is an active 6 stage guided Love Meditation designed to expand the Love within you. This is a beautiful journey I learned at my training in Holland at Humaniversity that is guided by the voice of the spiritual leader there named Veeresh. This will be an experience of connecting to the love within your heart and sharing it with everyone who comes unconditionally.

The loving feeling is just a good vibration in your heart. It doesn't have much to do with the other; you don’t have to be with each other. You enjoy the love; you enjoy the vibration in your heart.

Veeresh often says you just have THE NEED TO LOVE. Whether the other person receives it and gives it back is not the point. If he/she doesn't return your feelings and says ‘I don’t love you back’ it is their issue; they are missing out on the loving feelings. So you just look further and find somebody who resonates with your love.


Mano aka Daemond (from the Hearts Awakening Sanctuary Family) - Mano grew up in Calgary, but he is a traveller by trade, having visited 30 or so countries in his life. One of his favourite things to do is understand how other people live on this earth. Like most of us, he has often wondered why we’re here. Mano has sat with Monks in the Temples of South East Asia and has spent time with Aboriginals in Australia learning about Dreamtime. He has journeyed with Shamans in Central America and created concoctions with witch doctors in Africa. He has read and researched much in the vein of spirituality and science and connections between the two, a field called Epigenetics.  Mano is trained in Reiki (Shambhala and Usui), as well as Clarity Breathwork through an Intentional Community in Costa Rica called Pachamama. He has trained with Zen Master Nissim Amon in a style of healing he created called Trilotherapy. He has completed a Healing Sounds Intensive Training with Jonathan Goldman, and can often be found at festivals teaching and attending workshops. The methods are all quite different but the question is always the same: Who Am I? A question many of us eventually ask of ourselves.  Mano would love to guide you on your journey to answer this question and assist you in becoming the powerful creator you are meant to be!  Life is Beautiful! It’s OK to Enjoy! Everything is alright!


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Composing & Performing State of Mind

Marty Hansen (Calgary AB)



Exploration of One through the individual, defining love and integrity through discussion, imagination and intuition. Exploring the relationship between aura, chakra and mind; meditations and movement to enhance state of mind. Use of sound with guitar, voice and bowl. Discussion on how time relates to support experience.


Marty Hansen  - I am a Coach and Teacher with a cross disciplinary background, having fulfilled a successful career as Program Director of reputable Ski Teams and Academies, and now in his ownership of M-2 Sport Inc.. Starting out as a Head Coach, I gravitated towards larger responsibilities with having to rebuild the first 3 teams I worked for. These opportunities provided the freedom to cultivate my teaching and coaching crafts in very challenging and unstable environments. Since that time I built or rebuilt several programs from Regional to Olympic level with the guiding principle of placing the sport first. I quickly built an exemplary reputation in the industry for my hard working nature and creative imagination.

I have a deep connection to the ideology of oneness experienced through the relationship between intuition, imagination and the physical existence in which we live. This connection inspires the use of a holistic practice blended with the physical movements required in the nature of life. A major influence in my work with M-2 Sport Inc. has been the connection to the blend of mind, body & spirituality, how vital energy functions and the studies from my union and how it inspires a process of evolution into greater personal learning and performance for all I work with.



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 Fun with Solar Cooking

  Thomas Porter (Lethbridge AB)



Learn how to use the sun to cook meals and boil water for drinking. A fun and educational exploration of alternative energy. Brought to you in part by the Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association.


Thomas Porter, writer/activist, alternative energy enthusiast and off-grid specialist. Featured in numerous article, both online and in print. Appeared on Discovery Channel back in 2012, writes for a host of different magazines and is the Vice President of the Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association.



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Hola Ola Intro to Spanish

Krista Mendez (Leduc AB)



This a workshop about Spanish using games, worksheets, flashcards and even songs.


Krista Mendez - I learned Spanish while living in Colombia, I fell in love with the culture and language and people and stayed there off and on for around 6 years. When my husband and I moved back to Canada I started teaching Spanish in Medicine Hat and now living in Leduc I am teaching here as well. I have a huge passion for teaching adults and children, I love thinking of new ways to help people learn this amazing language.



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Unleash the Power of Sampling:

Cutting Edge Techniques for Electronic Music Producers

Donald Dinsmore (Calgary AB)



Sampling is one of the foundations of the cultural pastiche that makes up modern electronic music production. Where does sampling come from and how was it performed? More importantly how is sampling performed today and what tools do modern electronic music producers have at their disposal? Ableton Live originated as a way for musicians to perform live and if we exploit its inherent architecture we can use it in powerful and unique ways to sample all manner of material. Using the tools of Ableton such as Sampler, Warping and Simpler we can alter the the timbre and character of samples into something almost unrecognizable. These processes allow producers to put their own signature on the songs they are making while staying true to tradition.


Jnana combines a diverse array of soaring melodies, hard-hitting percussion and deep soulful bass lines. Complex blends and tight mixing allow Jnana to weave complex sonic story lines that are both visceral and intellectual. Jnana’s live experience and studio productions are the synthesis of years of studying west coast bass music. Expect deep dubstep, crunked out glitch hop, sexy future bass and everything in between. Jnana has releases on labels such as Street Ritual, Tycho Records, Be Green Records and Digital Whomp and has shared the stage with acts like G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Sugarpill, and ill.Gates. In Calgary Jnana teaches Ableton Live Production at Beat Drop DJ and Music Production school and is co-founder of the Music and Arts collective Philosonic.



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Divine Dualities of Masculine and Feminine

Ray Hawkins & Tanya Lee (Calgary AB)


Tanya Lee and Ray Hawkins will be taking you on a journey through the divine dualities of masculine and feminine. Tanya and Ray's connection with each other and with this topic is one that fills a room with inspiration and joy. Before they met at Sangha Festival just 1 year ago, they both had strong careers in the fields of yoga therapy and yoga teacher certification. At Inshala Festival, Tanya and Ray will take you on a journey of the feminine/masculine archetypes, ancient philosophies, mythology, astrology and how we can use that wisdom in our lives to dance with the polarities and dual nature that lives within all of us.


Ray Hawkins (founder of Ray of Light)  integrates over twelve years of world travel with Certifications as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist including diplomas in Herbal Medicine and Holistic Therapy. Ray's experience matured as a  member of medical teams consisting of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers. Ray's high level of professional care for those living with pain and/or issues with balance, mobility, and stability is often recognized and referred to by professionals in the medical field. Ray is an instructor and supervisor in the Yoga Therapy program at Mount Royal University in addition to presenting at numerous yoga teacher training programs. A typical week for Ray includes visits to the Alpha House to support clients in the detox program, daily visits to support our senior populations, as well as teaching sport teams and post rehab support.

Outside of teaching yoga Ray is the visionary and chair to council for Sangha: A Festival of Medicine; an annual summer festival held outside of Cochrane August 12-14, a proud father to his son Sky and a lover of play.

Tanya Lee is a full-time postural therapist, movement coach, and lifestyle consultant since 1998.   Tanya specializes in weight management, chronic back pain, yoga for the individual, and women’s transformational groups.  A published author, performer and keynote speaker, Tanya has instructed over 10,000 classes, opened 2 movement studios, successfully coached hundreds of people to achieve their wellness goals, and has mentored upcoming industry leaders since the mid-2000’s.   Tanya Lee is the founder of BodyArtMotion School of Transformation that strives to support and host talented leaders, teachers, artists and wellness providers, while creating kickass collaborative courses, events, and certifications.  She is the author of The BodyArt Cookbook, 5 Alignment Secrets, and PowerAlign Posture Training; and creator/head facilitator for an annual 200 hour Yoga Immersion and Certification course recognized by the International Yoga Alliance.  As of 2016, Tanya has accepted a council member seat and acting Director of Performances for Sangha: Festival of Holistic Medicine.

A broad range of experience and study gives Tanya a unique perspective on how the body and mind respond to change.  She has a diverse background in yoga/dance therapies, weight management nutrition, critical alignment for chronic pain, mixed martial arts conditioning, bodybuilding, pilates, behavioral rehabilitation, astropsychology, and tribal bellydance.  Tanya has been featured as a wellness expert for various magazines, newspapers and TV shows including: Oxygen, Body Sport, Bare Essentials, Shimmy Magazine, The Herald, and Breakfast Television.  She currently lives in Calgary Alberta and stays quite busy customizing routines for private clients and classes, facilitating women’s groups, mentoring leaders, performing on stage, and writing new books. 



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Divine Knowledge

Kitty Hardy (Calgary AB)



We will explore divination as a vehicle for increased self-awareness and empowerment. We will focus on tarot, oracle cards, internal intuition and pendulum decision making, among others, to understand how we can use these arts to gain confidence in our lives and ventures. Whether your question is as simple as ‘should I go out tonight’, or as complicated as 'should I move to South America to help in the building of a healing centre, an answer can be divined from Source and from your own Heart! The more we remember our innate connection to this source of wisdom and power, the more we will be able to fulfill our own unique purposes here in the Earth realms, and hopefully begin to understand our collective purpose as well, as microcosms of the Universe.

Kitty Lovenlight grew up deep in the boreal forest in Northern Alberta, surrounded by the wild rhythms of nature. In solitude, she learned arts that would expand her mind and her sight beyond the trees in front of her, to the spirit that animates all things. The forest spirits came to her as fairies, and she's been working with the Fair folk ever since, learning about worlds beyond worlds. She currently resides in Calgary, is delving into the arts of astrology and tarot, and completing a Creative Writing degree at U of C.


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From Fear to Fearlessness

Dolphin Kasper (Edmonton AB)



Are you experiencing anxiety, fear and confusion in your life? Want to transform your relationship with these powerful and often misunderstood energies? Unlock potential, remove barriers, reprogram your internal system and unleash freedom into every area of your life! Master the secret to turning the fear that has kept you small, scared and defensive into the fuel for your highest awakening.

In this playful yet profound workshop you will have the chance to explore your own inner world, shift the way in which you relate to the energies of fear and rediscover the unbounded creativity you knew so well as a child. Through simple yet powerful processes and the support of a skilled and sensitive facilitator you will gently unlock doors and spaces in you that have been left unrealized. Through dynamic group activities, meaningful dialogue and dyad activities layers will be peeled back to reveal the rich and transformational power that lies at the core of our fear.

Come and find what you have been searching for. Regain your connection and unconditional access to your most alive and satisfying life. Take the journey from Fear to Fearlessness.

Dolphin Kasper, a consummate coach, speaker and facilitator of awakened living, grew up in Vancouver BC and is now based in Edmonton, Canada. He is a lover of presence, connection and expression of all kinds. For over 18 years, through private coaching, workshops, retreats and online programs, he has been inspiring people to become the empowered caretakers of both their inner and outer lives. He has a passion for creating the space in which people can recognize and integrate their wounds and imagined limitations, opening the doorway to the depth and fullness that life offers. He believes in each person’s capacity to heal, grow and live a life of authenticity and joy.

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Navigating Love in the New Era

  Nicole Hartley Bradford (Calgary AB)



This workshop bravely and safely explores our cultural conditioning around love, relationship,  sensuality and sexuality as people who want to deeply integrate our spiritual and bodily natures.

What is true for each of us and what is conditioned? And what do we do with that in a world where there is a wide variety of attitudes, perspectives and levels of comfort in regard to how we express and receive love, intimacy, touch and both sexual and non sexual creative energy?

This will be an experiential workshop, where participants will receive and practice methods of communication, as well as resources to implement in life. These practices will help clarify the role of non-judgmental,  non-dual approaches and help us see how integrity can powerfully exist in non-traditional forms of relationship.

This workshop is designed to bring a degree of healing, and to facilitate further understanding of each person's unique evolution as a relational being.


Nicole Hartley Bradford has trained for 3 decades in mystic practices from all corners of the globe including mystic Christianity, a year of weekly Lakota Sweatlodge ceremonies, 12 years under the supervision of Mata Yogananda, and a brief but rich academic study of Eastern Spirituality at the University of Victoria. Unbound by dogma, Nicole's diligent self study has drawn these diverse facets of learning together using the question,  "what works?"… for herself and for others. Founder of Awakening Calgary, Nicole facilitates in a variety of ways, safeguarding the emotional vibe of a space, drawing out the wisdom in those around her, and sharing a vision of a world grounded in sacred natural laws.


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Medicine & Edible Plant Walk

Patrick Kooyman (Nelson BC)



Join us as we explore the festival grounds of Inshala, discovering native medicinal and edible plants of the area. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with the land we gather upon. Take healing and survival into your own hands by learning how to harvest and prepare the leaves, roots, and berries of many long revered plants. Also find out which ones might make a tasty treat & which ones are not recommended to eat! Learn about the ethics of wildcrafting – a way to harvest that is respectful and sustainable, for both the land and the plants themselves. Learn to listen, communicate, and maybe even talk to plants!

Patrick Kooyman, Herbalist and Wildcrafter. Patrick lives in Nelson, BC where he makes herbal medicines, and harvests wild plants and mushrooms. He studied herbalism through Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, as well as learning about traditional plant use in western Canada.



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Thinking Differently About Permaculture

Kym Chi (Roberts Creek BC)



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller

With the direction our world is moving in, we don't just need change, we need a new model!  Would you like to understand how to live abundantly in a thriving natural environment?  What does a resilient community really look like?

Permaculture offers a whole systems approach to conscious design and helps us to live rich and fulfilling lives, while considering the of the Earth, its people and the future generations. Helping us face some of the world’s biggest problems it teaches self responsibility,  community building  and earth stewardship through connecting with nature and recognizing the beneficial connections within.

Join Kym Chi for an interactive session looking at how Permaculture can help us to think differently and apply creative solution based approaches in the home, garden, farm and community.


Together, We will gain understanding of what Permaculture it can help us to create the world our hearts know is possible.  See you there!


Kym Chi is a dedicated advocate of Earth stewardship, people care and regenerative action for future resiliency. Deeply inspired by nature, art and experiential education, her main efforts are as a creative facilitator, artist, gardener, healer and community builder.  To date, Kym has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, a chartered herbalist certificate and has completed 3 teacher trainings and taken a variety of advanced trainings. She continues to take courses and is currently completing a Diploma in Education through the Permaculture Institute USA. Kym teaches courses in Alberta and BC, is a steward of Gaiacraft and also works for One Straw Society, a nonprofit focusing on food sovereignty and community resiliency on the Sunshine Coast.


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Alberta Plants and Their Medicinal Uses

Kailli Pigott (Calgary AB)


The workshop begins by going over basic plant collection techniques and learning to do so in a sustainable way. We will look at pressing and mounting plants. Herbarium labels will be reviewed so that the students will be able to create their own home herbarium. We will explore basic botanical terms and plant morphology emphasizing the importance of learning plants families. We will also discuss the plants that can be found around the Calgary area and how they can be used medicinally (e.g. for salves, tinctures or teas) or for food, including safety and the potential for encountering poisonous plants. A plant press, samples of pressed plants, an example field notebook, example herbarium labels, various useful guide books and some charts and tables on plant identification as well as species descriptions and photos of the plants will be provided.


Kailli Pigott - Currently, I am a terrestrial ecologist working at an environmental consulting company, where I specialize in plant ecology and conducting environmental impact assessments. I completed my Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Plant Biology (Botany) at the University of Alberta. I have a specialty in boreal plant communities, and I also have experience in the grasslands, montane, subalpine and alpine communities of Alberta and British Columbia. I have seven seasons of field experience, which includes conducting rare plant surveys, weed surveys, detailed vegetation inventories, wetlands surveys and wildlife monitoring. During university, I took a drug plants course where I learned about the many medicinal uses of plants including learning about the chemical pathways they influence in our bodies and the active compounds in the plants. 

Through my Permaculture Design Certificate I have a unique skillset in combining my knowledge of ecology and plant biology with permaculture principles (i.e. a sustainable design strategy for creating self-sufficient systems that emulate natural conditions). I have experience in creating garden design plans, installing greywater systems and building domestic ponds from my permaculture and University of Guelph horticulture training.



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Taiko Drums

(Lethbridge AB)



Experience the sound of this profound group of Taiko Drummers as they coordinate themselves in a resounding production of unified drumming rituals. 


The Southern Alberta Taiko Society supports the Japanese Taiko group, HIBIKIYA. HIBIKIYA which has been performing in and around Southern Alberta since 2008, and has also performed in Edmonton for Canada Day celebrations.

The name, HIBIKIYA, was chosen to reflect an ongoing apprenticeship relationship between Suijin Kaminari Daiko (originating from Lethbridge’s sister city, Towada City in Japan) and Bryan Pereverseff, a local Taiko instructor/Sensei who trains with the group during his annual trips to Japan.


Bryan Pereverseff has trained with several Taiko groups over the years but most closely trains with the two groups in Towada City, Japan. He has been entrusted and gifted the name and Taiko songs to train and perform traditional Taiko from Northern Honshu to his performance group in Southern Alberta HIBIKIYA. Bryan was responsible for bringing Taiko to Southern Alberta in 2002. HIBIKIYA is passionate in providing the opportunity for drummers of all ages and levels to learn, perform and enjoy genuine Taiko.

Bryan delivers quality, experienced Taiko instruction that has a lineage of Taiko that can be traced back to his senseis (teachers) and the Taiko groups in Japan. New members to HIBIKIYA are always welcome to participate in a graduated apprentice program.

HIBIKIYA has the support of the Lethbridge Twinning Society and also the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary.



 = = =


Spoon Bending and the Power of the Mind

Anastasia Kutt (Edmonton AB)



In 2011, Anastasia bent a fork with her mind at the Burning Man festival. Completely shocked, she carried that fork around with her as a sign of what she could do when she put her mind to it! She is honored to share the experience with others. Learn how to bend spoons and forks using “PsychoKinesis” (PK metal bending), harnessing the power of your mind. Anastasia will discuss topics such as the power of belief, manifestation, positivity, how to move and transfer energy, and bend matter with your minds during this workshop. We will practice the technique a number of times, and most participants will bend the cutlery by the end of the workshop! Cutlery will be provided, please bring an open mind and a positive attitude. Kids are great at it too! Anastasia is really excited to share this experience with the Inshala community!


Anastasia Kutt is a microbiologist who has been studying and experiencing various energy healing methods for the past 10 years. She is a professional energy healing therapist, a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Trilotherapist, and loves learning everything about energy!



= = =


Elevate with Sound

Ocian Flo (Victoria BC)


The Medicine that has chosen me is Sound. Sound is the universal language in which all form is described. It is a fundamental aspect of all of creation and the human form is no exception. In this workshop, we will explore and witness how sound moves throughout the physical body, as well as the more subtle aspects of consciousness, the emotional and mental mind as well as the energetic body. We will arrive in presence as we open the circle, smudge and welcome each other fully. I will share a bit about sound at the crystal frequency, take a moment to set intentions and move deep into the soundscape. We close with a sharing circle as we integrate and explore together.

Ocian is an energy artist, visionary, community builder, and spiritual activist working with groups and individuals to create and share experiences that build a conscious, self-empowered, intentional community. Ocian uses Sound Medicine as a branch of energy work and utilizes beautiful vocal toning and crystal frequencies to balance the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. She is a clairaudient and is a channel of Source and the ancient Harmonic Language which is used to bring remembrance to the power of Self-Healing. She has been working with sound for over 5 years and has incorporated new instruments along the way. The Crystal Singing Bowls are now her main focus along with the Crystal Lyre, Crystal Pyramid and chimes.



 = = =


Men’s Circle

Nils von Hahn (Surrey BC)



The intention is to create a space for any and all men to gather and share in a safe and supportive container to discuss the joys and challenges of Relationships, Manhood & Fatherhood in general in the 21st Century. There is no prerequisite other than being Male. I will be facilitating the flow of discussion but I have nothing specific to teach.

Nils von Hahn: As a Male and a Father I have no special qualifications. I am responding to a call from Spirit and a perceived lack of safe places for Men to get together and share their experiences.


= = =

The Art of Dreaming: Crafting a Portal into the Future

Skye Dreamer (Calgary AB)



Do you want to gain clarity and feel excited about creating the more beautiful world you dream of? This workshop invites you to cast away from the shores of wakeful inception and to embark on the winds of curiosity across the ocean of our collective dreamscape. Come out for this imagination-engaging, hand-participating, and heart-inspiring session of dream weaving.

The Art of Dreaming is the way in which we receive the vision of a dream and work to manifest that dream into our shared reality. We will practice the Art of Dreaming through word, story, and crafting your own DreamPortal (aka dream catcher).

Materials to craft a personal DreamPortal will be provided. Feel free to leave a donation for the materials that will be provided to you.  You are also welcome to bring any of your own personal items to add, such as a special stone, beads, or feathers for the DreamPortal.

All Dreamers welcome – Let’s get crafty!


Skye Dreamer is an avid nature artist, author and storyteller, creative communitarian, and workshop facilitator; versatile and passionate in all forms of his work. His mission is to contribute to a more beautiful world where imagination and creativity are supported and all are free to do what they love. This simple mission guides Skye’s work and play each day as he aims to empower people in their actions and inspire others to follow their dreams. 

After retiring four years ago, Skye has pursued the path of working to thrive through his creativity and explore the emerging gift economy. This included a two-and-a-half year gift based business called “Eden’s Cove”, which offered a floatation tank to the Calgary community. He also devoted over three years to starting and building a local chapter of the global social change movement called “Evolver”. Evolver Calgary hosted numerous events, workshops, intentional parties, and community networking opportunities. When May of 2014 rolled around, Skye took to the road and has been traveling North America ever since.

The recent nomadic chapter provided the fertile soil for Skye to discover and develop new passions, including writing three books and diving into his love of making nature art and fascination with the growing Ecosexual movement. His love for the Earth is expressed through his art and writing, with the intention of inviting others to fall in love with our home as inspiration to protect and give back to the Earth and each other.



= = =


Mantras and Mindfullness

Lindsay Brandon (Calgary AB)



“Mantras and Mindfulness” is a chanting and meditation experience. People are welcome to join in and chant along with traditional mantras and mindful lyrical compositions. Lindsay will guide the group through a series of mantras and explain the stories and meaning behind the words. Participants are welcome to bring a yoga mat and mala beads to participate in the workshop (but not required) or simply sit and experience the energy created through the harmony of sound.

Lindsay Brandon is a yoga instructor, performing artist and musician from Calgary Alberta. Her hatha practise is supported by her studies in mindset, meditation and mantra. As performing artist and musician she is inspired to create song and sound to accompany her works with mantra. She is currently studying aerial yoga and is thrilled to share her passion of music and yoga with all.



= = =

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Kids Dance

  Jenna Jade & Beatfarmer (Lasqueti Island BC)



Facilitated Play Dance workshop with beatfarmer on the decks, kids on the dancefloor

Jenna Jade finds the truth of stillness through dance. With movement, imagination, sound and conscious breath she opens to her inner landscape, her heart and her spirit.

Beatfarmer is a dynamic tribal trance electronic music producer and dj. He loves to be immersed in music and to share his sounds with dancers as they open through dance.
= = =


The Muktiyuktuk, Dance-fu & You (for kids)

  Toto Ro Andre (Calgary AB)


The Gentlest Revolution Description of Workshop:: a four part plan based on the medicine wheel. participants learn of the medicine wheel, creechi, and projects in which to bring about a world of our hearts. the revolution is about empowerment and a change in perspective. in the festival world, we have been blessed to experience, to touch, what community is. We have been thusly tasked to bring that experience, wisdom, and light to our everyday, contemporary world. the gentlest revolution seeks ways in which to tap into our collective power and shift the thinking of greater society, enabling a movement, and connection, from our heads to our hearts. this workshop is guaranteed inspiration and equips participants with the tools, the opportunity, and the vision to midwife a new world of our hearts into being.


Toto Ro Andre is a wandering storyteller, teacher, musician, artist, and dancer! Born in Nairobi, Kenya, bread in Fort McMurray, AB, and buttered in Calgary, Toto spreads light, smiles, and laughter wherever he roams. His soul quest is the knitting together of communities into a quilt of change, hope, and love. This task has taken him to the margins of society, working with at-risk youth, disability, artists, musicians, and writers. It has taken him all over Alberta and B.C., nurturing and encouraging the bloom of community. Storyteller by nature, teacher by trade, and dancer by soul-spark, Toto is a rolling ball, leaving love like moss, wherever he rolls.





= = =


 Your Sacred Circle - A Hoop Journey

Meagan Wigemyr & Sean Desrochers (Lethbridge AB)






Exploring our bodies within the hoop. Starting with a gentle yoga stretch, followed by an energized play with our hoops, followed by partnered exercises, helping us connect with our hoop and each other. Next we will be introduced to sequences designed to piece together moves, flowing from one movement to the next, making a choreographed dance. We will then move on to play time where we can explore our bodies individually, at this time the participants can ask questions and get one on one time, we will then end the workshop with a cool down stretch and then join in a circle to seal in our practice.


Meagan Wigemyr - Mother of two, discovered hooping as a way to balance my life. Enjoy yoga, dance, nature, music and of course hooping. I have been teaching hooping in the Lethbridge area for 4 years, in this time I have grown and learned so much about myself and my community. Sharing this sacred circle feeds my soul and expands my mind to all the world's possibilities, it is a passion that will live with me for all my days. I love all genres of music, open mind to all forms of talent, for I see it clear and inspire from it.



= = =


Music Makers Rhythm and Sound Movement

Karen Berry (Calgary AB)












This lively Kids’-Zone ‘Imaginalia’ movement & music maker workshop focuses on sounds, instrumentation & rhythm. First, children will be provided recycled and crafting materials to make their very own magical maracas, and rhythm sticks. We will explore different sounds, and rhythms (following music provided and making our own) ending with a grande marching band parade to show off our creations around the main area/vendors (perhaps even in camps if the mood is right! ;)


Karen Berry (Miss Karebear) has been dancing and singing since 0 years old and was immersed in learning

many technical dance and performance styles since 7 years old.  She performed and choreographed professional shows since the age of 16, and has been teaching and facilitating a variety of dance classes to all ages continuously since she was 19 years old.  She founded her own movement school, Kmotion, in 2009. Karen also has been touring many festivals since 2011 and is enthusiastic about sharing the possibilities of music and movement.



= = =







Mindfulness for Kids: Journey to Zen
Ann Hunting (Leduc AB)
(Certified Lifestyle Meditations Teacher of Kids & Teens, Owner of Sage Stone Malas)


Bring your kids, aged 4-10, to join our journey to zen. I will lead several activities including breathwork, moving meditation and creative expression all while demonstrating tools for being present and mindful. When children learn the art of mindfulness, they become happier, have less stress and anxiety and increased focus. Relationships are deepened and confidence is improved. See you there, in love and light.


Ann Hunting - I am a mother of a 4 year old boy with 4 years of experience in teaching kindergarten overseas and over 10 years of experience in working with autistic children. I have been hosting Mindfulness for Kids classes out of my home.