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The existence of Dodd has long been questioned by those who’ve not been on his dancefloor — but those who’ve been there are fast and thorough believers. From his humble beginnings as a dancefloor observer Dodd carefully catalogued the sounds and reactions of the people in order to pinpoint the perfect palette of progressive sounds: blending trancey, glitchy, dubby and techy tidbits into memorable dancefloor journeys that transcend sonic expectations. With these dancefloor commandments Dodd has been rocking crowds consistently in Victoria, BC. Whether you’re a believer or not, with the speakers as his chorus, you will be moved by the voice of Dodd…

Has Played Alongside: KiloWatts, Desert Dwellers, Perfect Stranger, Smoke Sign, Kalya Scintilla, Kevin Shiu, Adham Shaikh, Nominus, Phutureprimitive, Pezzner