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To experience a set crafted by the hands and mind of James Carignan is to adventure deep into the heart of electronic music, where spaciousness and a lack of musical boundaries are married with infectious and compelling grooves. An Edmonton native now residing in Calgary, James has been a disciple of the electronic persuasion since the extinction of the 8-track (by sheer coincidence, long live the 8-track). He is heavily involved in the Calgary music scene and can be found contributing his talents to the monthly local talent showcase at Habitat Studio Social, as A&R manager and radio host for Nuevadeep, and as half of the brilliant live act and production duo that is Among Ruins. Opening for artists like Jody Wisternoff and Eelke Kleijn has given him an intuitive grasp of how to progress musically through an evening, and having played a number of times at Astral Harvest, Motion Notion and Inshala, he is no stranger to the western Canadian festival circuit. The great outdoors is truly the best environment in which to exalt in the mysteries of our scene, and it is this compulsion that drives James to further his craft. In the place where deep house, techno and progressive meet, you’ll find him hard at work trying to remember the past, be present, and discover the future.