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Orginally hailing from Alberta and now calling the BC coast his home, is the performer alias of Keegan McEvoy. After working in the music industry for most of his life, Keegan got his start mixing music as a radio host for Edmonton’s CJSR Community Radio 88.5FM 6 years ago. Following that he found his home in the intentional dance community in Alberta and began to participate in a variety of festivals/gatherings such as Astral Harvest, Inshala, Intention Alberta, Symetree, Kootenanny, Still Vibrations and many more.


Believing dance to be one of the most incredible tools for healing, growth and expression, (aka Keegan) puts a great deal of intention into sets with the goal of creating a space where people can freely explore kinetic and emotional movement and play in ways cerebral and raw. sets have a tendency to avoid any one specific genre-set and/or tempo with the overall goal of each set being a fluid and incredibly storied, journey. With that said most sets involve an exploration of sound & feeling utilizing a variety of genres and styles including: downtempo/ambient, glitch/trip/hip-hop, electroacoustic & IDM with the-possibly-more-then-occasional-dabble of experimental/noise, industrial and anything else that pulls at heart-strings and evokes deep emotional and energetic movement.