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I've been doing alternative music education since 2009 (my "day-job" is running a songwriting workshop for high school students, funded by the BC Arts Council), and I've distilled a lot of that work down into my one hour workshop.

Workshop Title:: Personal Transformation Through Music Production

Description of Workshop:: The "Personal Transformation Through Music Production" workshop focuses on the ways that creating and sharing Music requires and promotes the development of personal character and a strong sense of self. The problems of shame, fear, and pathogenic beliefs are not limited to musicians, but the producer is in a unique position to use her art to confront and dissolve these issues. This resolution will bring more depth, creativity, and inspiration into her own life and those of the people around her.


Sleepwreck has been on the artist's path for close to two decades, and has worked with hundreds of students to help them find their unique creative voice. Having personally worked through innumerable blocks to establish his current upward trajectory, he is excited to share his perspective with the electronic music community. By presenting a series of philosophical insights (including common pitfalls and best practices) as well as practical exercises, he distills the wisdom gained from years of experience and work with respected mentors. While helping participants to identify the emotional patterns that prevent them from creating and sharing their music to the degree that they would like to, he also clarifies how those patterns show up in the rest of our lives. Applying the principal of "How you do anything is how you do everything" he shows how learning to be vulnerable musically translates into more authenticity, connection and happiness in daily life.

Bio:: Jesse Davis Selkirk is a songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and innovative music educator. He has been performing in the transformational festival community since 2011 and most recently released his debut EP entitled "Prototype Self" with Street Ritual Recordings, alongside respected West Coast producers The Human Experience, Erothyme, and Nico Luminous amoung others. In 2009 he created the Song Writer's Education And Training project, where he works with high school students in developing confidence, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and goal setting through the songwriting process. He has since worked with over 200 students in 7 schools, including Vancouver's prestigious Sarah McLachlan School of Music. The "Personal Transformation Through Music Production" workshop was originally presented through the Caturday Crew's "Caturday College Workshop Series" in Vancouver.

Additional Comments:: Please see this short video documentary of the Song Writer's Education And Training project for an idea of my approach to facilitation.