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Inner Journeys - Awaken the Dreamer


Inner Journeys is an adventurous inward journey into the portal of your Self through the doorways of movement, contemplation, sound, breath and stillness … enticing you to access the freedom within you.  This journey is an activation shifting you into the higher realms of who you already ARE.   Leave feeling inspired and uplifted!

Kylee Dawn and Corinne combine their passions to co-create a space where we can all Experience the Essence Within.


~Kylee Dawn Sorensen~

Kylee Dawn has a passion for the Inner Journey. Through trance dance, breath-work, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being. Along her path, she has explored many modalities and mentors, which have empowered her to bring her own gifts to life.

Kylee Dawn is one of the founder’s of Inner Journeys; a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator; is a Gymnastics Coach; owns a Professional Photography business - Mystique Images; runs an Event Production company Evolved Productions; and has an organic bamboo clothing line called Bohemian Moon.

~Corinne Cornish~

As a Spiritual Teacher and Wholistic Therapist, Corinne guides those re-awakening to their expanding consciousness through one’s own inner pathways of Self. She works with those who are being called to embody awareness, presence and harmony, ultimately inspiring Self-realization.

In these classes she brings her private practice to life as she offers exploration to travel inward into the inner depths of consciousness and awareness. Corinne is formally trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and has a Bachelor of Education. Her private practice is The Inner Realms at


Joyshops - Loop Station, Full Vocal awakening through movement

JAIAquarian (Vancouver)

LoopJoy is an opportunity to both connect with your own voice and experience co-creation, using a Boss RC-50 loop station.  We will begin with a full body vocal warm-up, making this a great class for everyone to learn simple tools to have richer access to their voice. We will work in partners and as a group using the tool of play to enliven our voices and stretch it to encompass new tools of expression. We will build toward passing a mic to build live loops from the voices of those present.

JAIAquarian has been facilitating voice and movement work since 2004.  He has taken his passion for full expression around BC, to Burning Man, Symbiosis and last summer toured across Canada facilitating and performing tracks from his debut music EP, The Cat with Many Names (live vocal loops & rhymes for changing times). Jaia studied at Neptune Theatre School in Halifax and continued private vocal coaching for several years,  before beginning to facilitate community-building vocal circles.


Beginner/Intermediate Hoop Workshop

JAMS from Orbital Flame (Lethbridge)

Hooping opens up a world of expression when sometimes we feel limited by our conscience.  Hooping allows the heart to open, builds confidence, and makes you smile!  Come and play with hoops, learn some tricks, and fall in love with the circle. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the wonderful world of hoopdance!  You will have a chance to use the hoops available to learn some tricks as well as some ideas for movement in the hoop while you are dancing.  We will work on transitions for moving the hoop where you want it to go, between on- and off-body hooping, as well as a few simple tricks to add to your hoop dance!  Remember to wear something that will protect you from the sun and bring a water bottle or two!  The sun can get hot and it is a physical workshop.

Jams first was inspired to hoop after a watching a friends homemade hooping video on YouTube. She created her very first hoop, played in the yard for hours on end, and found a healthy addiction that eventually wore out a hole in the grass. Along with this passion, she fell into a community of fire spinners in Southern Alberta and her passion for fire, hoops, and performance grew very quickly. She has performed with ‘Orbital Flame’ at music festivals, summer camps, and other celebrations and events around Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. She also recently had the opportunity to fire hoop in the fire conclave at Burning Man 2010. Being self-taught, she focuses on unique parts of hoop dance which individualize herself as a hoop teacher.


Double Staff Manipulation

JOEY 'ERO' VEDRES (Lethbridge)

Working through the basic manipulations of double staff movement Ero will expand your understanding of how two staffs can flow together. Playing with both circles, isolations and anti-spins this workshop will give you insight to how both staffs can move both in relation to each other and yourself.

Joey began fire spinning in April of 2005 when a flaming staff was thrusted into his eager and nervous hands, from that moment on he was hooked. Years of building his skills from the basics, to more intricate and technical movements has taken his reputation in his small Southern Alberta home, to a national level. Throughout Canada he is known as both unique and inventive. By focusing on anti-spins and isolations in the development of his style, Joeys abilities have made him one of the leading staff spinners in the ever developing Alberta Spinning Community. Recently performing with LED gear such as, Flowstaffs and Sabers Joey now brings both his knowledge of movement, inside closed spaces and fire performance to Inshala. Joey is the Manager of Orbital Flame as well ‘Fire & Light Artists”, a Southern Alberta Fire Performance Troupe, co-founder and present Master of Ceremonies of the University of Lethbridge Firespinning Club, Group Staff Spinning Instructor in Lethbridge and Area, and Permit Holder for Downtown Lethbridge Drum Circle – Open Fire Jam.


Chakra Yoga

FARREN ASSALY (Medicine Hat)

Farrenʼs intuitive touch and warm presence keeps her clients and students coming back to “fill their cup” with healing, relaxation and inspiration. She comes from a diverse background in Advanced Thai Massage, Reiki, Theta DNA Healing and Chakra Yoga.

Her experience and love for the healing arts offers her clients and students a holistic and well rounded magical session that caters intuitively and specifically to each individualʼs needs. Her passion for teaching radiates into the hearts of others...inspiring growth, transformation and balance.

In the practice of chakra yoga, we integrate breath, sound, mantra, affirmations, hatha yoga poses/asana, visualization, and color. These combined, create balance and harmony in each chakra, which in turn creates balance and harmony in your body and in your life!

My intentions for teaching at Inshala, is to help students open up to feeling and seeing their highest potential by discovering their true essence. This is achieved by opening the breath, creating a heightened awareness of your body, mind and spirit through the practice of Chakra Yoga. Also, to create affirmations and intentions for yourselves which will have magical and liberating impacts in your life. May the practice of Chakra Yoga help you along your path to discovering your inner light and therefore, oneʼs true self.


Acro Yoga

SURYA (Calgary)

Surya will be facilitating level 1 and 2 of Acro Yoga. He will be focusing on basics of basing and flying and theraputics. Level 2 will be for the more advanced, flying and basing. This is your chance to yoga with the spirit of playfulness please come with a open heart and mind.

Surya is a yoga and dance teacher as well as a body worker.



Sacred Fusion - Uniting Your Own Journey with Live Music & Yoga


Stepping onto your mat into a "sacred fusion" class you begin the first step. Uniting your own journey with live music and yoga, Sacred Fusion takes sequences of postures exploring unique movements with your breath, and live music. As we centre the mind and body through our breath we journey through mild to intermediate postures, expanding, opening and challenging ourselves, while moving with a harmonic collage of worldbeat/electronica music and soundscapes accompanied by live drums and percussion.

Opening the self to the journey, we arrive on the mat with one purpose, to breathe!

Sacred Fusion is a combination of the passion and talents of Trevor Nugent-Smith and Sunshine.  As she arrives with her mat and he arrives with his drums, each are in their element.  

Sunshine coming from an 8 year back ground in yoga and trance dance, and Trevor with over 10 years as a teacher and performer with world drums, the two fuse together their passion and fire and arrive to ignite the space and the journey of self. After many years of practicing yoga in Victoria and Vancouver, Sunshine trained with Shivea Rae doing a teacher training in yoga & trance dance, and knew her calling was to teach a style of yoga that was expressive and creative.  She also completed her 250 hr training with Jenni Pritchard at the Yoga Shala in Ashtanga yoga and her prenatal YTT, Kids YTT, Street Yoga YTT and her Circus Yoga YTT, just to name a few.

Trevor gained much knowledge and skills in world percussion working at One World Drum Co. in Calgary from 2000-2010.  While studied in West African, Middle-Eastern and Afro-Cuban drumming, his main passion has been as a performer from ambient settings of yoga studios to high energy sets along side many DJ's at festivals and community oriented gatherings across BC and Alberta.

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Rites of Passage

SOBEY (Vancouver)

Rites of passage, the transitions we experience throughout our life from preconception to death and into ancestralization are a vital element that's lost its place in the modern world in many detrimental ways. Some of these include addiction, extreme behaviours, feeling lost and without purpose as well as disconnected with the spirit of life. As the world itself goes through a global rite of passage we are given the opportunity to find ways to reawaken this pan-global tradition and learn how to give and receive support at times of transition be they natural aging or crisis induced. For the tribal dance community this could be what gives our communities resiliency to endure in the face of the unknown future and to close the gaps that cause communities to dissipate.Moreover this could be our gift beyond our communities if we have this basis to draw from. Rites of passage also offer us an opportunity to rekindle collective ties with nature and to align with our highest values that honor life.

In this workshop a seed for nurturing back an archaic revival of rites of passage will be planted with the aim of enabling people to see the lifecycle that is universal to us all with its many transitions. From there we will look at 2 rites which are contemporary examples being created for these times to strengthen individuals and kinship groups. The first rite is called a Jupiter Return ceremony which is aimed at fortifying people 12,24,36,48,60,72.. The second rite is a Saturns Return ceremony focusing on people feeling the effect between ages 28-31 or 60 years old. Later on during Inshala these 2 ceremonies will take place with the tribe present. Inshala is a test pilot tribal setting for this cultural form to take root.

Making his return to Inshala, Sobey has concentrated his focus in dance culture since the mid 90's fostering community development, love sex intelligence (LSI), and thrivability in connection with Tribal Harmonix, Entheos Summer Solstice Conference & Gathering, Earthdance Vancouver, & the Evolver Social Movement. In 2010 he began consulting and facilitating rites of passage stemming from experiences in dance culture and indigenous ceremonies. In February 2011 he presented on Rites of Passage at TEDx Georgia Strait in Vancouver.


Activating the Telepaphone

NILS (Vancouver)

The 'Telepaphone'. We all know what it is even if we didn't know what it was called. The part of us that experiences intuition and/or telepathy. In this workshop we will be sharing experiences of the 'Telepaphone' and discovering easy and fun strategies to enhance our telepathic and intuitive abilities. The only prerequisite required is an open mind and an open heart.

Nils is a DJ/Event Producer from the West Coast of Canada. He is the originator of the Faeries & Fools Costume Carnival and a founding member of the Beats Without Borders collective. He is also profoundly interested in expanding consciousness and human potential. In 2001 on the afternoon of 9/11 he experienced a vision which inspired him to activate his Telepaphone and to activate Telepaphone consciousness everywhere he went. He has previously offered the 'Activating the Telepaphone' workshop at Shambhala and Invision Festivals, as well as informally talking up the 'Telepaphone' whenever folks are interested and inspired.


Making It Happen


You know that idea? That AWESOME idea that's been in your head for ever?  How sweet would it be if the rest of society got a chance to enjoy your idea; if people got to use, work with, play with or be inspired by your work?

In this dynamic workshop, we will explore what it takes to bring ideas to reality.  We will cover ideas of all kinds:  businesses, inventions, art, clubs, communities, skills, services, talents, music, building, food production, etc. etc. etc.  We will discover how to take your idea, what we call "The Egg" and nurture it into a flock of wonder that others can enjoy.  Whether you want to start-up a successful enterprise, or offer healing modalities to those who need it, this will be useful.

This workshop is being led by Joey Hundert, a social entrepreneur who has started a number of inspired enterprises, organizations, communities and other creative works.  Joey's latest creation is "Sustainival", the worlds first green carnival.  He is completely committed to people being fully inspired, utterly powerful and effective at turning dreams into reality.

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Urban Beekeeping- Creating habitat and hope for pollinators

Eliese Watson, Founder of A.B.C- Apiaries and Bees for Communities (Calgary)

A.B.C- Apiaries and Bees for Communities founder Eliese Watson will share information about the challenges facing pollinators (solitary bees, bumblebees, and honeybees) in today’s commercially industrialized world and the global response taking root to combat it: urban beekeeping. In her presentation, you will learn about the differences between pollinator groups, understand their lifecycles, and become more focused on ways you too can participate in helping pollinators survive!

A.B.C strives to promote honeybee health by training environmentally conscious urban dwellers organic methods of hobby beekeeping. Founded in 2010, in the past year A.B.C has worked closely with the Calgary Zoo, Calgary Horticultural Society, Mount Royal University, Permaculture Calgary and other community groups. A.B.C has taught over 200 individuals the Level One Beekeeping Course, organized The Community Hive Network and brought in to Alberta 85 colonies of Honeybees for urban hobbyists. A.B.C has also created the Bumblebee Rescue and Foster Parent Program, a public research project on urban bumblebee health.  Go to for more information about A.B.C and our projects!


Bringing Community to your Consciousness

ROB SINCLAIR, Conscious Community Innovator (Bownesia, Calgary)

Rob will explain the various ways he has build community, through gardening, bees, chickens, finance and innovation.

Rob Sinclair is the founder of the Calgary based sustainability strategy organization, Conscious Brands™, and believes that ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’. He uses this as a guiding principle in his life. Rob’s passion for business has found him at the pioneering phase of many new and exciting industries including,  the Internet and IT industry in Calgary, self-producing a traveling internet based vegan cooking show, and becoming president and owner of an organic food manufacturing company called Friendly Foods.  He now uses that experience to help businesses grow and thrive in the new economy by showing them the inherent value of working within the context of economic, human and natural capital.  There can’t be sustainability without collaboration, and there can’t be culture without community.


Medicinal Plant Walk

PATRICK KOOYMAN, Ethnobotanist (Calgary)

KEITH ENGEL, Clinical Herbalist (Calgary)

Join us as we explore the festival grounds of Inshala, discovering native medicinal and edible plants of the area. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with the land we gather upon. Take healing and survival into your own hands by learning how to harvest and prepare the leaves, roots, and berries of many long revered plants. Also find out

which ones might make a tasty treat & which ones are not recommended to eat! Learn about the ethics of wildcrafting - a wayto harvest that is respectful and sustainable, for both the land and the plants themselves. Learn to listen, communicate, and maybe even talk to plants!

Patrick Kooyman, Ethnobotanist. Patrick studies the medicinal, edible and technological uses of plants by native groups in western Canada at the University of Calgary, and has been exploring herbal medicine and wildcrafting for several years.

Keith Engel is a Clinical Herbalist & Peak Performance Health Strategist. He firmly believes our highest expression of health and well-being is a result of living in direct alignment with Nature and our own biological design.

In recognizing the bodies innate wisdom we learn how to listen, observe & act accordingly. From there we can appropriately incorporate nutrient dense wildcrafted local foods, superfoods, spring water, optimal lifestyles & nutrition to support our bodies highest genetic expression.

He hosts a private clinical practice, just outside of Calgary where his focus favours a holistic approach in support of the entire individual. He has a background in Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Permaculture, Homeopathy, raw foods, nutrition, wildcrafting & traditional plant lore.


Eco Evolvers 101


Learn How to Join the Movement!  You are invited to Eco Evolver’s workshop devoted to becoming Eco-Conscious!

Eco Evolvers 101 reveals a simple strategy that anyone can use to transform their life to have genuine purpose with earth-centered values that is centered around your natural you.  We think of it as becoming a force of nature in your own life.  Eco Evolvers 101 is filled with insights, strategies and some sacred wisdom you can apply immediately to reclaim your power, build integral relationships and reduce your ecological footprint.

In this 60min. workshop you will learn what Climate Change is and how human activity is contributing to it.  You will also learn why Festivals play a vital role in changing the way we live with each other, our communities, and most importantly - our Earth.

The workshop will cover three spheres of influence that Eco Evolvers learn to dance through:

1) your Self - big and small

2) the people and places where you live, work and play

3) the external forces of government, industry, and marketplace

How do we help people discover that they are truly powerful when they reconnect with community, and align their values and beliefs with the Earth and her ecosystems?

In this workshop you will be learning:

* Who you are and where you are at

* Climate Change Basics

* How to change your behaviour

* How to create sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint

* Community-based organizing and leadership

* How to take action on an important environmental issue

You will leave ready to change your life, and you'll be able to make long lasting changes that stick.  Come join us!

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Drum Rhythms and Jam


In this one hour “playshop” Trevor will guide you through the basics of playing the West African Djembe drum with some simple and fun rhythm patterns. We will build upon a strong foundation all the way up to a high-energy groove, layering in polyrhythmic parts and co-creating together! Once we have some vocabulary to work with, it will slowly open up to a more spontaneous “jam” where we learn to let go and play from our hearts and soul. Working together in harmony and balance our vibrations will unite into symbiotic relationships where our power of creativity flourishes. Drumming together can bring a sense of groundedness, unity, and the bliss of surrendering to the moment. Let us use the experience of co-operation and co-creation to reflect and build strength in our relationships and actions within the community and the world. 

**Some Drums supplied, but bring your own if you have one and any other fun percussive instruments! 

Trevor Nugent-Smith was born and raised in Calgary and drumming has been a huge part of his life since working at One World Drum Co. (2000-2010).  There, he gained many skills in the world of percussion as manger, instructor, performer and artist in residence in schools across Alberta.  Trevor’s passion has been as a teacher/facilitator for all ages as well as a performer playing predominantly improvised sets of music from ambient to high energy.  He has played for yoga classes, exstatic dance workshops and accompanied numerous Dj’s over the years including Adham Shaikh, Nate Spektakle, Bhomp, and many more, including holding a long term residency at Mynt Ultralounge. 

Trevor has been involved and active at many community events and festivals across Alberta and BC bringing his passion for the drum and it’s power to transform and uplift through performances and workshops for everyone to enjoy.


Poetry: Your Expression is Beautiful

Kirk Ramdath (Calgary)


(30 mins lecture, 30 mins for discussion and free writing time)

I organize poetry, storytelling, and music events in Calgary because I believe it is important to create public spaces for creative expression.  I believe that free speech is beautiful in and of itself.  Therefore any serious attempt to write poetry necessarily produces a work of great beauty because of the sincerity of emotion that created the work of art.  This is much the same as dancing. When we release our inhibitions and allow our bodies to move naturally to the music, the result is the pure and beautiful expression of dance that is at the centre of so many conscious communities.

For some people, that freedom to dance comes naturally.  Others have to be coaxed into allowing themselves to acknowledge that they truly are beautiful – caterpillars into butterflies.  That beauty doesn’t end when people leave the dance floor. That beauty exists at all times and in everything we say and do.  For me, it makes absolute sense that people who like to dance should enjoy writing poetry. After all, poetry is dancing with words to the music of life.

With my workshop I will use my dancing analogy to encourage people to take up the dance of words that is poetry.  I believe that writing poetry can encourage people to become more confident of the power and beauty of their own creative expression.  This will increase the amount of positive frequencies in the world, but also do something else which is essential – provide a written, permanent account, of what is certainly one of the most interesting and best times that have every existed.  And who better to celebrate these times in words than the most interesting and best people? The true history is of the people, and it is beautiful.

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Kidz Zone Coordinators

ERIN LOUGH, Preschool Coordinator, Calgary Gymnastics Center and

CAM TAYLOR, Calgary Gymnastics Center

As Inshala grows as a family event, we’re providing more opportunities for kids to take part and develop new inspirations in the great outdoors. This year we have two lovely coordinators, Erin Lough and Cam Taylor, whom bring their passions from Calgary Gymnastics Center to the fields of Inshala. During the weekend, we encourage kids (big and small) to come participate and have some fun with activities such as parachute, rhythm sticks, beach balls, crafts and more.


Gymnastics seems to be one of those sports..........once you get into it, you can never leave. That seems to be the story of my life! I was National Level competitive gymnast with Mount Royal Gymnastics Club (now CGC) and am still involved at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre all these years later. Currently I am the Preschool Program Coordinator, and a Women’s Competitive Coach. Being able to bring my love of children to an event as great as Inshala is an exciting new opportunity. Looking forward to sharing in the experience.


Kid’s Connecting with Nature


Explore nature and discover your connection to the earth. Get to know your plant and animal neighbours, learn about the medicines plants offer and appreciate the great web of life. From the ground below to the hawks that fly above, discover how everything - including you - is connected in our natural world.

Families and folks of all ages are welcomed.

Lisa is passionate about the environment knowing that education is the key to protecting biodiversity, the abundance of life. With a bachelors degree in Conservation Biology, Lisa is grateful to share her understanding of ecosystems with others. Lisa teaches environmental education programs for the Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society, Cochrane Ecological Institute, Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre and the Calgary Science Network.


Vidasana Kids Yoga

JENELLE KITTO, RHN, Certified Yoga Instructor (Calgary)

"Kids and their families will journey to space and beyond, learning about the roots of yoga and discovering the mystical animals of India.  This 45 minute workshop will teach breath and body awareness, facilitating a perfect balance of creative expression and yoga discipline." Jenelle Kitto, RHN

Jenelle has spent more than a decade studying holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and yoga.  After completing her teacher training in an Ashram in India she teaches yoga and holistic living  in various settings from studios, schools and kids summer yoga camps.  Jenelle and her son Kashus are very excited to share their love of yoga at Inshala 2011.

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