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“Genesa represents a Super Energy System that serves to clear the way for anything you want to do.”


Promoting opportunity in various aspects, The Genesa Series strives to showcase rising talent alongside bigger names. Having the opportunity as a young, inspired artist to work with the very source of inspiration can do wonders for motivation and drive. Whatever the medium, be it through music, art, fashion or general ideas, TheGenesa Series aims to connect people within the community and make dreams come true.


The dynamic, audio/visual coupling of The Genesa Project (Tanner Berry) and bride-to-be Kali Yuga bring together a very unique flair behind the decks. With high energy and love for the community, they have been making great strides within the Calgary electronic music scene. Their first event was held in 2012; a small, intimate venue with a modest turnout. Their love for hosting events has grown over the last three years into a beautiful expression of emotion and passion. Since 2012, TheGenesa Series as a name has grown into something unimaginable to its founders, including opportunities to share the stage with artists such as Govinda, JPOD, Longwalkshortdock, and Pumpkin. With a loyal, ever-growing following, Kali and Tanner continue to shine with great humility and much thankfulness for every opportunity that has been presented thus far.